07 Feb

Are you a new mom in need of a thorough tracker for baby? Is your baby a former NICU grad but still in need of special medical needs at home? I designed these with you and your baby in mind!

As a former NICU mom, whose baby came home on supplemental oxygen, I understand what it means to have resources at the tip of your fingers. In fact, I didn't really have anything to help keep track of all my baby's needs except a legal notepad, which is how this set of planners came to be. Except, yours will be much nicer :)

When you don't need these trackers anymore, we have another set of free printables that are goal-tracking planners, for the family with lots going on. Feel free to check those out too!

This printable is free to download and copy as much as you need, or to use digitally. It is designed with babies who suffer from medical complications in mind, so you don't have to make something from scratch just to include special medications and medical equipment changes.

NICU Mom and Dad Baby trackers - free download - printables
Tips for new parents of a NICU baby

Get your copy of the whole set of Parent resources here for free!

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