17 Jul

Dear valued customers,

I wanted to take a moment to share some important updates regarding my business and future plans. After careful consideration, I have made the decision to discontinue using Printify as my selling platform. This decision stems from my desire to ensure that the sales proceeds do not support causes that may contradict the values I hold dear, and that I believe many of my customers also share.

Additionally, as a mother to a lively toddler who keeps me on my toes, I have faced challenges in finding time to create handmade crafts for the store. However, I have been reflecting on my child's upcoming milestone of learning to talk and explore the world, and it has inspired a new focus. I am excited to announce that my future endeavors will revolve around designing educational materials and simple songs that help young children learn about God and the teachings of our faith. My plan is to offer downloadable resources for parents who are seeking to engage their children in meaningful ways.

Furthermore, I have long intended to create items specifically designed to support parents, particularly mothers, who are going through the challenging journey of having a child in the NICU. This is a cause close to my heart, and I hope to provide products that offer comfort and strength during this difficult time.

As always, I remain committed to following the path that the Lord has set before me. Only time will reveal the full extent of what lies ahead. In the meantime, I invite you to sign up for my newsletters to stay connected and receive updates on my progress. I typically send out newsletters once or twice a month, ensuring you won't miss any important news or releases.

Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to embarking on this new chapter with you.

Warm regards,
Michelle Smith

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