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As a former NICU mom, I know how difficult it can be to try to care for your newborn AND keep track of everything. These baby tracking pages were born from my own first-hand experience of trying to organize my life around our baby at the time. 

When our baby was finally brought home, however, all the battles were not over - he was on oxygen until he finally wouldn't keep his canula in his nose, and still had health issues to get over. No matter where I looked online, I really couldn't find anything that truly gave me a place to log EVERYTHING that we needed to as parents of a NICU baby: supplies, medications, etc. - so I literally was using legal pads to log everything from pumping schedules to diaper changes and medications given to our baby. 

Why Use Our Goal Tracking Planners?

  1. Structured Approach: Our planners provide a clear structure for keeping track of necessities with your baby. No more feeling overwhelmed or lost in the process!
  2. Customizable: You can tailor these trackers to your unique needs. Replace sections if you need to, and make it truly fit your NICU family. 

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What's included:

Daily, weekly, and monthly pages to help keep up with everything you do for your precious baby. 

Daily tracker includes hourly time table on left with important sections every mom will surely want to document (while some may not need to): bottle feeds, breastfeeding, pumping, diaper changes (with wet and dirty diaper symbols), sleep (for your baby - not you!), and temperature.

Weekly tracker includes a 9-row table for every day of the week plus a column for notes. You can use this for whatever you want - doctor appointments, tasks, meal planning, etc. - plus the essential notes sections for NICU parents like equipment changes, medicine dosage, and an inventory section. Also included is a tracker for baby's baths, and Mom's R&R because I know how hard it was for me to take time outs to recuperate - an often overlooked essential - as all moms need some time to recharge. 

Monthly tracker includes a blank calendar and a separate checklist section for appointments. Also for medical supplies is included an equipment change section, order tracking section, inventory of supplies, and another section for weekly tasks that may or may not be repeated every week.

Each page also includes a section to record something you are thankful for, a must for NICU parents to keep at the forefront of their mind as they journey through the NICU (and post-NICU) life. 

Set of 3 Baby Tracking Planners for NICU parents - free download

BONUS resources: As a first time parent and former NICU mom, I really wanted to make a list of tips for first time parents who may not have a lot of help from others, or just want some tips from someone who has learned a lot the hard way!

Currently I have created a list for general tips for new parents. These tips are merely advice from me, a first time parent, who went through a lot of trial and error during my preemie's first year of life. 

More resources for NICU parents or first time parents - free download

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Printable Baby Tracking Planners

A set of 3 pages for new parents to help track everything essential with their newborn. Specifically designed for NICU parents and first time parents. The set includes a daily, weekly, and monthly tracker. These pages can be used digitally or printed.

General Tips for Parents of a Newborn

A printable PDF that has general tips for any newborn's parents.