11 May

We want to honor mothers not just this Mother's day, but every day. That is why Hope Ministry Designs will donate 15% of every order's profit towards a non-profit organization that supports women during and after their pregnancy. 

This weekend we will be donating to Preborn, a non-profit that gives expecting women the chance to see their baby with a free ultrasound. 

What happens after Mother's day? We will continue to use a portion of every sale towards other non-profits as well as Preborn, including March of Dimes and Alabama-based Colette Louise Tisdahl Foundation.

Why do we do this? Mostly because as a former NICU mom who had a high-risk pregnancy, I understand what moms can and will face when it comes to difficult and extraordinary circumstances. I want to give back to those that are helping women through their efforts. I also want to provide hope to moms - even those who have lost their baby. 

Hope Ministry Designs is not just an average Christian boutique; we are a ministry to women, to moms. If you haven't already, check out our free downloadable resources 

Do you know a mom who is currently having a high-risk pregnancy? A NICU mom? We have a special gift, courtesy of Project Sweet Peas that we would love to give for FREE*. All you have to do is send us a message letting us know the family you want to gift, and their contact information for us to send the gift!

*Due to increased cost of shipping, we will ask that all you do is help cover the shipping of the gift.

* The email will not be published on the website.