13 Jun

As you may know, I have made some printable planners for moms especially with NICU babies. 

Recently I have discovered (to my horror, a technology that has been available for a while), the ability to use PDF's in apps such as Goodnotes or Noteful on MacOS/iOs, or Penly for Android users. This is conveniently something that would work great for those who are finding the need for more pages - as you can copy and insert more pages as needed!

So how does this work? It's easy - you download the PDF of a planner, then open it in the app of your choice. Those apps then allow you to annotate - or add text/drawing/stickers right into the PDF and voila, it's all your own customizable and reusable planner! 

If that doesn't knock your socks off, there is even the ability to make your planners LOOK and feel more like a planner by adding hyperlinked pages! I have been working on my own "All in one planner" just to get an idea of how long it would take and just how well it would work. Depending on how much you want hyperlinked, it can be quite a daunting task to create this "all in one" planner. But, for now, I want to just simply say that I am working on a new and updated Baby & Mom Planner.

This new updated planner will have the hyperlinked pages, but I will not be making it as grand as what others may have out there in the realm of having every single day/week hyperlinked to a page. Instead, I am going to offer a handy NICU journey journal (yes, you can have that too + add as many extra pages as needed, something I wish I had when my little was enduring his NICU journey!) PLUS I will include a more "in depth" baby and mom tracking pages. Where the original printables tried to keep things minimal and "at a glance" I am now going to include pages just for logging feeds, inventory of medical supplies, pumping and frozen milk storage, and more!

You may be wondering what we all wonder when something sounds "too good to be true" - and that is, how much is this going to cost? Nothing. If you can't afford a fancy planner, don't worry about it - this is the labor of my love and I just want to do something for you NICU moms because I know what it was like to literally run out of space on legal pads, feel like the donated NICU journal didn't provide enough daily pages, etc. - but if you FEEL moved to donate to this cause, then I will be honored to receive your contribution. Your donation will help in paying for the electricity, the toddler's (yes, he's going to be 3 in July!) food and drinks, and more. If I get enough of a donation, I'll even use that towards a donation to one of the non-profits that I want to support to honor all moms.

When will this new nifty planner and NICU journal be available? I am going to estimate that it will be fully ready to download and use within the next month, as I have already started working on it and it is about half way done. Really, the biggest tasks ahead of me are doing all the hyperlinked pages. But, since I just finished my own planner in about 2 weeks, I think it's safe to say that this one won't take as long because I figured out some shortcuts and ways to speed the process up.

I really hope you will find this resource super helpful and pass it along! Do you have a friend who is a new mom, or who has already had signs of a high-risk pregnancy and thus may end up in the NICU? If you do, then this will be a special gift to her. Please stay tuned and sign up for updates to find out when it is officially released.

Thank you for dropping by, and may God bless you and your little one(s)!

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